Thursday, September 08, 2005

You Can't Take the Sky from Me


Ottawa Browncoat here, just saw Serenity in a special, sneak preview.
I can't say enough good about this movie. Witty, intelligent, action-packed, suspenseful, sad, funny and angst-ridden. I expected no less from a Joss Whedon film and I got so much more. I was able once more to visit with old friends. That was the greatest experience of all. Firefly for me felt like an old friend and I was able to sit and listen to him tell me a tale of wonder once again. Thank you, Joss. You're a Big Damn Hero and I hope my old friend has many more tales to tell me. For I look forward to them all.

Ottawa Browncoat
You can't stop the Signal

PS. When is the DVD coming out?

PPS. I will so be seeing this again opening night at the theatre.

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