Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Born Again Vietnam Veteran Taxi Drivers: They Make for one Hell of a Ride - On the Road Again: Ambercon US (Cont.)

I get in the Taxi and here comes my impromptu tour of the Detroit suburbs.

Let's precis this with, I take a lot of Taxis at home. The buses don't run early enough for me to get to work on time and therefore I have to take taxis to work, (I am reimbursed in part for this.) So I try to be polite, courteous and kind with my Taxi driver. I converse with them as they drive me to where I am trying to get. So, I strike up a conversation with this guy and find out he's a Vietnam Veteran. We begin talking about the kinds of movies we like, he's a big fan of the Western. (Which is cool, since so am I.) I recommend some to him and we continue on in our conversation. We've been talking and driving for a while and eventually the subject turns to theology, being a bit of an amateur theologian myself, I am intrigued to hear his take on things. I had noticed the Bible on his dashboard as I got into the cab. So, we begin talking about the other religions he has explored, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and finally Christianity. I enjoyed the conversation, because the man had explored the various religions by reading their texts and finding whether it worked for him. I must say it was intriguing conversation that spanned faith and why certain religions prohibit certain foods. I became so engrossed in the conversation that I hadn't even noticed we had gotten lost. After a brief moment of indecision, I pulled out the written map of the way to the Embassy Suites and we made our way hence. We carried on our conversation and then finally arrived at the doors to the Hotel. I tipped the cabbie well for a thoroughly pleasant ride and he gave me his card for the trip home, he offered me a discount for the ride back. (Which I didn't end up using, but that comes later.)

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