Sunday, April 24, 2005

At the Con: Ambercon US - Game On

I'm in the Hotel at the desk, checking in. When I see Simone and Guy checking in as well. Pleasantries are exchanged and we go about the business of getting checked in. In 5 minutes, I'm on my way to my room. In 10 minutes, I'm in the shower. After 20 minutes, I'm on my way to the Convention gathering area. (Smartly placed next to the restaurant and bar.) I step into the room and notice that the tables are perfect to run Dust Devils at, perfect poker tables. So I request the use of the back space from Kris and I'm on my way. I hang out, chat with people I haven't seen in a long while, some in months, others in years. It was like coming home again. I knew at that point, that I would come to next years Ambercon. So, I head over to the bar to get my free drink (a Screwdriver and am back to chatting. I tell some of my players where we are playing, chat with Jack for a bit and then head back up to my room to get my gaming stuff.

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