Sunday, April 16, 2006

When my Muse Spoke to Me

Please speak to me again.

A poem written when I was much younger, it still whispers to me.

Hearts in Darkness

A crimson wind sings in the darkness,
Snuffs out the candle of your life.
You have only one heart to be broken,
Only one match against the night.

We live on the edge of the darkness,
Afraid to step into the light.
Love is the dream we have spoken,
Whispers against the twilight.

We are drawn to the darkness within,
Like butterflies to burning flames.
We smile while consumed by our sins,
As the darkness claims another slave.

I have visited the darkness,
I have seen the price of fear.
I have yielded to the darkness,
I have tasted the bitter fruit there.

Is not all life temptation?
Are we all not sinners here?
We need no invitation; the darkness is always there.

Who among us can absolve us?
Who can take away our fear?
We must rule temptation; the darkness is always there.

I stand-alone against the darkness,
Against the solitary night.
I seek to swallow back my fear,
To do that which is right.

I stand alone on the edge, the forest beckons me in.
I use your love as my strength against the power of my sins.

If you weren't here I would have been lost,
You are my pilot, my beacon, my soul.
You make life worth living no matter the cost,
Without you I would falter and fall.

Never leave me in the darkness,
Never leave me here alone.
You are my reason for existence,
You alone can save my soul.

We stand two hearts against the darkness,
We will never be alone.

Two hearts in darkness, who will never be alone.

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