Wednesday, February 23, 2005

As Above, So Below Playtest Follow-Up

James was a little shaky during the short scene, but began to get a grasp of how it worked, Adam seemed to get into it and he brought up the drive-by shooting way as an example of how you would use corruption to get out of the same situation. So he really fed on the interactions. Suzanne was the quiet one, she was the least experienced role-player and wasn't used to the
shared narrative style of play.

During the actual play each had a different way of approaching the situation, they talked out how they would approach the situation and then came to deal with it. James started and as Adam listened and observed, he would that sparkle in his eye of an idea and then either use it then or wait for his moment. Suzanne observed mostly, but as she got the feel of the game, she came up
with some really good ideas. I thought her having some of the villagers be sick with ecoli was an inspired idea, in order to nudge the priest in the direction the Angels wanted. The back and forth worked really well.

I'm looking to foster the spirit of Coopetion in my players (cooperation and competition.)

I think I've also figured out how to involve the Devil's Advocate a little more, make his power more concrete, so to speak.

When the Devil's Advocate concedes the narration to the player, he is rolling against, it allows him to interrupt and introduce a scene at a later time. This scene could involve the backplot/uberplot of the story or it could involve introducing a dilemma to a player who hasn't been as active in the game. (Giving a player more face time.)

Also, I'm introducing the idea of player's introducing dilemma's or complications to other player's characters. If they choose to do so, they gain a point of corruption.

I've discovered that corruption is the fuel for players to use to further their own stories. It allows them to introduce their own issues, dilemmas, conflicts and complications to the game. Thus giving them more to do.

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